Updated Website!



Jumpin Jacks Has a New and Updated Website!


Previously our website was split into two pieces. Our main website, and a webstore.

We have now merged the two into the same site at www.jumpinjacks.com

This should allow for a much simpler and seamless experience of looking at what we have and being able to order all in the same place. This will have all of our pricing right upfront so you know what you are paying for your party rental. To celebrate our new website we are offering $10 off any booking with the coupon code: BB2017

Back to School

School is back! We hope everyone had a great summer and got a chance to have some fun. As a quick reminder now that school is back that means farmer’s markets are ending here shortly as well. If you have left over tickets from the Wednesday Night Market in Santa Rosa or Rohnert Park. Now is the time to use them. We are already done with the Wednesday Night market but will still be at the Friday Market in Rohnert Park for the next two weeks.

With school back in session as well that means our weekends are going to book a lot faster than during summer due to almost all parties happening on Saturday or Sunday so reserve now before your party date gets booked out! You can book online at www.jumpinjacks.com and click on the pricing and online ordering link.


Also if anyone is associated with any PTA and are planning back to school events or fall festivals please email us at info@jumpinjacks.com if you are looking to book inflatables for your event and we can go over some great items that fit your events ages and needs.


School is out and Summer is here!

Congratulations to everyone who has just finished the school year! We’ve been at a lot of school events the past few weeks. We had our double slide at Cook Jr. High in Santa Rosa and an awesome set up at Sonoma Valley high school with our double slide, obstacle course and big splash! But now that school is out it is time to have fun at home.

We have a great water line up with our Splash Down water slide which is water friendly (you don’t need to continually run water to have a wicked wet time). Don’t forget about the Dunk tank as well as water friendly versions with the Big Splash and Pitchburst models. We also have our inflatable slip n slide which is fun for all ages!

Take a look at all we have to offer and order online for your next party or BBQ at www.jumpinjacks.com



Upcoming Events and Markets

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Petaluma Butter and Eggs Parade this past weekend. It was a lot of fun and a bunch of kids and teens got to enjoy the debut of our brand new 20 foot double slide! We also have received our brand new Zorb Balls and they should be debuting on our website shortly when they become available to book.

Now if you missed out at the Petaluma Butter and Eggs Day we will be at many markets and events coming up here shortly.


The Santa Rosa Wednesday Night Market will be starting again here shortly and we will be on hand select nights starting May 10th.

Dates: May 10th, May 17th, May 31st, June 7th, June 28th July 12th, July 19th, July 26th and Aug 2nd.


We will be set up at the Rose Parade on May 20th. Details to come for set up location shortly.


We will also be at the Petaluma Farmers Markets. Currently we at the Tuesday Market in Petaluma and will be at the Wednesday and Saturday Markets there as well starting in June.


In Cotati we will have a jumpy set up at the Farmer’s Market there as well starting in June.


We will have our double slide and a jump house set up every Friday starting in June.


Every third Thursday of the month starting on May 18th we will have our Fire Truck Slide and a Jumpy set up at The Barlow shopping center.

Dates: May 18th, June 15th, July 20th, August 17th, September 21st, and October 19th

We look forward to seeing everyone throughout the year and don’t forget to book early at www.jumpinjacks.com as Saturday bookings are filling fast now that the rain has subsided!


The Jumpin Jacks Difference

There are many different Jumpy House companies in the Sonoma County Area and I would like to take the time to give your 3 reasons why Jumpin Jacks is the company you should choose to provide a bouncer for your party or event!

Reason 1)

You have me, Joe Allen. I am the owner of Jumpin Jacks who is a father of two amazing young boys. I treat every party or event as if it is something that my sons will be a part of. So I put a priority on making sure we are on time and that the equipment is safe to be used. If your party starts at 2pm and I will make sure that your jump is up and running by that time. I always build slack time in the delivery schedule of our drivers in case there is an unforeseen circumstance like an accident on the road. I also personally train every employee to ensure a safe and secure set up of the equipment and a cleaning of every jump.


Reason 2)

We purchase our equipment from quality manufactures in the United States. Our jumps come from Einflatables, Ninja Jump, and Custom Inflatables, all which are based in the United States. We will not purchase any equipment from cheap knock offs from China. Your enjoyment and safety is of utmost importance to us.


Reason 3)

Our staff is amazing! Every employee cares as much as I do. They want to make sure your event is fun, safe, and special. If you have a particular way you envision the set up of the equipment they will make it happen if it is possible. If you have a question they will answer.


We all look forward to having the privilege of providing fun to your party or event.



Joe Allen

Jumpin Jacks


baseball jump house

Petaluma East-Side Market

We are looking forward to being at the Petaluma East-Side Market tomorrow from 10am to 1:30pm bringing a little jumping fun for the kids!

You should be able to join us there every Tuesday from 10 am – 1:30 pm until October this year.

We will be at other farmers markets and other events later this spring and summer and we will let you know as we get closer to those.


See you there!


The Jumpin Jacks Team



Rain Rain Go Away

We have been going through some crazy storms so far this year here in Santa Rosa. Which is great because California has been in a bad drought for quite a while. As of now none of Northern California is in an a drought! The downside of all this drought is that we can not set up bounce houses in the rain. I posted a video on our Facebook page www.fb.com/jumpinjackssr a few weeks ago showing what happens if a jump ends up in the rain. The good news is spring is just around the corner (39 days but who’s counting?) which means now is the perfect time to put in an order for a jumpy house for best selection at www.jumpinjacks.com. The other good news is that we just heard our Zorbs  and double lane inflatable slide will be ready for delivery by the second week of March! We can’t wait to show them off to everyone.


Jumpin Jacks

707 578 1140


Zorb track

New Zorb Track

We are excited to announce that this week we have placed our order for our first set of Zorbs and track! If you don’t know about Zorbs yet, they are basically giant inflatable balls that you can climb in and walk around in like a hamster in a hamster ball. Our track is the X-treme Criss Cross track where you must race over obstacles and get to the finish line before your opponent. Their is the possibility of a collision at the center of the track and we can even add water in the white pools for an added level of difficulty! This track is 75 ft long and will have an attendant with it to help out! We can’t wait til it arrives and we will go live on Facebook with it once its ready to go!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2017. So far 2017 has been a wet one, especially on the weekend, boo! However, this has given us time to get things in order for the upcoming season.  We will be back at the Petaluma and Cotati Farmers markets, and have our paperwork submitted for the Wednesday Night Market in Santa Rosa. We are really looking forward to seeing what the new unified downtown square will look like.

I don’t want to spoil anything just yet with specifics, but we are looking at getting a couple of new pieces of equipment this year and can’t wait to share them with you! We are looking forward to providing some fun and great event experiences this year. We will update you as soon as everything is finalized. Keep up to date with us on our facebook page fb.com/jumpinjacksr or at our website www.jumpinjacks.com



The Rainy Season is Upon Us

We have had a great summer seeing all of you at the local farmer’s markets and bringing fun to your summer parties! Now October has come and gone and with it has come lots of rain which is great because we still need it! And with the rain the parties will now move indoors and we have some great items for your indoor parties! We have Cotton Candy Machines great for birthday parties, a Popcorn machine great for those rainy movie days, and those who don’t mind the cold we also have Snow Cone Machines! Those who of you who may be hosting indoor events with high ceilings we can still deliver our jumps as long as you have 20ft of ceiling clearance but we also have some pieces that are much shorter than that and are a ton of fun! An obstacle course, inflatable baseball, basketball and dart game, as well as our sumo suits and boxing inflatable!

Don’t forget we still rent bounce house and other inflatables all winter long! This still includes outdoor rentals weather permitting. Check everything out at our website.

We hope everyone enjoys the rain we are getting this year and have a great time during the upcoming holidays!